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Trumps Mar-a-Lago-forsvar STUNDER, Biden frygter 'endnu en Trump-sejr', og Israels Gaza-angreb ESKALERER

In civil fraud trial, Trump’s defense is focusing on Mar-a-Lago, with a broker describing it as ‘breathtaking’. Trump has not ruled out using his power for retribution if he returns to the White House. Biden has told donors that if Trump wasn’t running, he probably wouldn’t be either and stressed the importance of preventing another Trump victory.

A potential second term for Trump could include legal action against media figures, according to an ally. Meanwhile in Israel, prison continues to serve as a rite of passage for Palestinian boys from one generation to the next. Former Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu accuses global powers of indifference towards sexual crimes by Hamas.

On immigration policy, Washington’s stance has noticeably shifted rightward. In Russia under Putin’s rule, wealthy oligarchs remain rich but have seen their influence wane significantly.

Actors have voted in favor of a deal that ended their strike — this brings relief to union leaders and Hollywood alike. The Pacific Northwest is experiencing record-breaking rain and unusually warm temperatures due to an atmospheric river phenomenon.

Governor DeSantis plans job cuts while seeking funds for legal action over Florida State’s football snub. Four additional members of K-pop group BTS are set to start mandatory military service in South Korea.

Biden asserts that he will run because Trump “is running”. The risk following Yemen rebel Red Sea attacks are explained by AP while Oregon Zoo welcomes a new rhinoceros calf.

The fourth GOP debate could prove crucial for NewsNation cable network; the debate will take place in Alabama which previously provided GOP with key insights into Donald Trump’s appeal.

North Carolina Rep McHenry announced he won’t seek reelection in 2024 amid warnings from voting experts about ‘serious threats’ from election equipment software breaches ahead of 2024 polls.

An official trailer release reveals Grand Theft Auto VI launch date set for 2025 while Hunter Biden resists subpoenaing of his father’s documents in a gun case.

In global news, Israel intensifies strikes on Gaza’s second-largest city in the ongoing conflict. Maduro orders ‘immediate’ exploitation of oil, gas and mines in Guyana’s Essequibo. Taliban’s education policies are reportedly harming boys as well as girls in Afghanistan.

In sports, LeBron James leads Lakers to the In-Season Tournament semifinals with a win over Suns. NCAA President Charlie Baker calls for new division where schools can pay athletes.